Adult Braces: Are They Worth It?

Oct 25, 2019

Starting orthodontic treatment as an adult can be daunting. It may feel like the ‘time for braces’ has been and gone, and you’ve just accepted that you’ll never get that smile you’ve always dreamt of.

What happens if you dodged braces as a teen, but are now looking back wishing you hadn’t? Or, you went through it all once, but your retainer gathered dust in a draw and you’re now back where you started?

Is it worth getting braces as an adult, and if so, what are your options?


100%. Not only does orthodontic treatment leave you with a beautiful smile, but it can also help prevent tooth decay and other oral health issues in the future. We all know that your health begins in the mouth, so ensuring that your teeth are aligned means that they are easier to clean and prevent avoidable illnesses. You will also notice that there are more orthodontic options available today than ever before, and you are more likely to find a treatment plan that suits your lifestyle and budget. If the cost of orthodontic treatment is putting you off, consider asking your orthodontist if they offer payment plans that can help you get the smile you deserve sooner.


1. Metal Braces
The main advantage of the metal braces is that they work the fastest,break the least and are the most affordable option.

2. Ceramic Braces
Clear braces are a great choice for adult patients who are looking for an aesthetic and efficient way to straighten their teeth. Unlike metal braces, clear braces involve brackets that are made out of a translucent ceramic that blends in with your teeth.

3. Invisalign
This is a favorable option for those concerned about the appearance of braces. We understand having braces as an adult can be an unnerving experience, and the fear of being self-conscious can mean that some of us never get them. For suitable cases, Invisalign can be a sound alternative to braces.

All of these options have their perks, but everyone’s orthodontic journey is different, so it’s important that you speak to a specialist to understand what the best treatment options are for you. Book your free consultation with a specialist orthodontist today.

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