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Braces and other orthodontic treatments are common dental procedures that are ideal for both teenagers and adults. Our team of specialist orthodontists in Wollongong, Bella Vista and Shellharbour are experts in the application of braces and aligner treatments to patients of all ages.

We understand that choosing the right dentist for you (or your children’s) braces is an important decision due to the duration, cost and ongoing implications of orthodontic procedures. Here at My Dental Team, we aim to ensure the ongoing satisfaction and wellbeing of our patients with our variety of custom treatment solutions and payment plans.

Read on to hear about our full range of options and start your journey towards a straighter, more confident smile today.

Metal Braces

Metal Braces

As our most popular and affordable option, metal braces are the fastest and most effective way to straighten your teeth, with over 24 colours to choose from.

Metal braces are the most traditional option offered by the My Dental Team. The effectiveness and relative affordability of this treatment is why it remains our most popular orthodontic solution for kids, teens and adults.

This treatment involves the attachment of metal brackets to the teeth, connected by a flexible metal wire. Regular appointments are required to adjust the wire, resulting in ongoing shifts in the teeth and closing of gaps due to the constant mild pressure. Elastics, in either clear or a whole range of colours, are added to the brackets to further assist in reconfiguration of the jaw and realignment of your bite.

$50 per week – No Deposit

(No interest, 3 Year Payment Plan, $7500 all-inclusive)


Ceramic Braces

Ceramic Braces

Our most popular option for adults who want a more discreet way to straighten their teeth. Designed to blend in with your natural tooth colour.

The key difference between metal and ceramic straighteners is simply the material of the brackets and their cosmetic impact for the duration of the treatment. Clear ceramic braces are a logical choice as a more subtle way to straighten your teeth, especially in situations where alignment trays would be less effective than more traditional braces.

$54 per week – No Deposit

(No interest, 3 Year Payment Plan, $8100 all-inclusive)




Clear, comfortable and removable! Invisalign aligners are the most effective way to transform your smile without braces.

Aligner trays have become increasingly popular over the last decade. Small, clear button attachments are adjoined to your teeth to hold the removable clear trays in place. Invisalign treatment is a suitable option for cosmetic dental needs, such as closing gaps between teeth or redistributing teeth in a crowded jaw, but it is not a sufficient form of treatment for every patient. Our specialist orthodontists will discuss with you the best approach, according to your specific needs.

$66 per week – No Deposit

(No interest, 3 Year Payment Plan, $9860 all-inclusive)



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