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General Check-Ups

Regular Dental Check-Ups Are Essential To Lifelong Oral Health.

During a check-up your dentist will make examine your mouth for signs tooth decay, gum infections and other oral diseases. Routine dental check-ups allow dental problems to be recognised and solved in the early stages, avoiding painful and expensive experiences associated with late stage oral disease.

During your check up your dentist will likely complete a thorough clean that involves the meticulous removal of tartar or calculus (hardened plaque) from your teeth as well as a polish of your tooth surfaces. This will ensure all debris that cannot be removed from regular tooth brushing and flossing will be cleaned. To strengthen and remineralise your teeth your dentist will also provide a topical fluoride treatment that will prevent tooth decay.

Dental check-ups are recommended every 6 months.

Gap Free Check-Ups And Cleans

At My Dental Team we offer GAP FREE check-ups and cleans if you are with a private health fund. Capped pricing without insurance:

$50 for children under 5 years

$99 for children between 5 - 12 years

$170 for all other patients

$190 for all other patients with X-rays included

Child Dental Benefit Schedule

The CDBS is a scheme run by Medicare that allows eligible children to have access to a benefit of $1,000 over a two-calendar year period. At My Dental Team, we bulk bill under the CDBS, meaning your child is able to receive the CDBS-covered treatments at no cost to you.

The CDBS provides individual benefits for a range of services including:




Fissure Sealing


Root Canals


Is my child eligible for CDBS?

To be eligible, a child must be aged between 2-17 years and their family must receive Family Tax Benefit Part A or a relevant Australian Government payment.

Families can check whether their child is eligible for the CDBS by contacting Services Australia . General information about the program can also be found HERE.

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