Gum Disease


Periodontitis or gum disease is the infection of the soft and hard structures that support your teeth (your gums and the jaw bone that surround the base of your teeth)

In its early stage, known as gingivitis, the gums become swollen and red due to inflammation: the body’s natural response to the presence of harmful bacteria. The presence of this bacteria is usually due to poor oral hygiene. Other risk factors of gum disease include: smoking, diabetes and periods of significant hormonal change (such as puberty and pregnancy).

If left untreated, the harmful bacteria involved in gum disease can lead to irreversible damage and even loss of the tooth. The treatment and management of periodontitis is crucial as it has also been linked to other systemic conditions including some forms of heart disease.

Periodontal treatment involves cleaning away the harmful bacteria and build-up of calculus (tartar or hardened plaque) above and below the gum line. The health of the gums is then monitored closely to assess for healing.

Periodontal treatment is always completed under a local anaesthetic to ensure the treatment is completed in comfort. We also have lots of sedation options available if you want a truly pain free experience.

My Dental Team proudly offers periodontics services for patients with complex cases that require specialist care. To find out which treatment options are best for you, please book an appointment