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Braces & Cleaning

Having A Consistent Oral Hygiene Routine Is Very Important For All Patients But Especially For Patients With Braces

With more surface areas for plaque and bacteria to attach to, ensuring that you’re cleaning your teeth and braces thoroughly everyday is crucial to avoid tooth decay or gum infections. We recommend the following oral hygiene routine for all of our patients.

Brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste: after breakfast and before bed. It is important that you brush around the brackets so when cleaning your braces, remember to brush above the wire and under the wire. Angle the toothbrush at 45 degrees to make sure that all the plaque is being removed from the gum lines and brackets.

Plaque is sticky but soft, therefore taking your time with gentle brushing motions is much better than roughly scrubbing your teeth. Being too rough when brushing or using hard toothbrushes can lead to damage of both your teeth and your gums. Brushing your teeth and your gums thoroughly should take at least 3 minutes.

To clean under the wires of your braces, use an interdental brush (or a Pikster) to remove any plaque that has built up or food that has been trapped. A toothbrush alone will not effectively remove all the plaque from your mouth so ensuring that you use interdental brushes, as part of your daily brushing routine is very important.

Caring for your teeth and braces does take time but having a healthy smile is priceless. During orthodontic treatment it is still important to have six monthly check-ups with your dentist. In addition to this, the orthodontics team will be consistently monitoring your oral health to help you achieve a healthy smile that you can be confident about.

Remember To:

Brush at least twice a day, after breakfast and before bed

Brush the front surfaces of your teeth in four sections

Use interdental brushes to clean under your wires

Visit your general dentist every 6 months for a check-up and professional clean

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