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Dentist Wollongong

At our family-friendly dental practice, we take pride in providing children and adults alike with the best treatment and latest innovations in the field.

My Dental Team Wollongong


28 Beatson St, Wollongong NSW 2500



Phone Number

02 4209 3020

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri – 8am – 6pm
Sat – Closed
Sunday – Closed

Welcome to our Wollongong Dental Practice

My Dental Team provides exceptional care for patients in need of dental support, including orthodontics, braces and other oral corrective cases.

Beyond this, we also offer general dental services, such as routine check-ups, cosmetic procedures or specialist care, our team is here to service your smile with a smile. Regardless of what you need, we’re here to support you and make your journey as seamless and comfortable as possible.

Why Our Patients Call Us The Best Dentists In Wollongong

As Wollongong’s foremost practice, we work hard to ensure that every patient enters our practice feeling comfortable and leaves the chair confident with their smile. Our awarded orthodontists, dentists and hygienists have decades of experience across the full spectrum of family, general and cosmetic needs.

One of the foundations of our practice is making healthy teeth accessible to everyone. Not only do we work with each and every smile to create custom solutions for your individual needs, but we also accept all health funds for your general check-ups and annual cleaning.

We are also able to provide bulk-billing services under the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule for your little ones (and your convenience).

Premium Dental Care In Central Wollongong

Sometimes all you really need is a good clean. Other times, you’re ready for dentures, cosmetic treatments, whitening and the works.

Whatever you or your family needs, our caring staff of dentists, assistants and hygienists are here to support you on your oral health journey. Our service model is fully integrated, so you can access all your general dentistry treatments in-house. We work closely with a trusted team of surgeons to develop treatment plans for every medical and financial situation, grounded in our expert knowledge and personalised care for each of our patients.

What Our Patients Are Saying About Dentist Wollongong


Our Wollongong Dentist

Our Wollongong Dentists

Dr. Ashwin Nair

Specialist Orthodontist

Our Wollongong Dentists

Dr. Alex Wenden

Specialist Orthodontist

Our Wollongong Dentists

Dr. Albert Leung

Specialist Orthodontist

Payment Plans Available at Dentist Wollongong

My Dental Team offer interest free plans for all Dental Treatments.
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