Crown & Bridge



crown is a cap or covering designed to replace the original tooth’s shape, size and function. A crown may be used where:

A cavity in your tooth that is too large for a normal filling to function properly

There is a missing tooth requiring a bridge

An implant has been placed

A tooth has been severely cracked

Root canal treatment has been completed

Crowns are a comfortable and natural looking treatment option for patients who may have the above dental concerns. At My Dental Team, our dentists can discuss what type of crown would be best suited to your treatment needs.



bridge is a tooth replacement option consisting of multiple crowns fused together that serve to replace a space where one or more teeth are missing. The teeth on either side of the space serve as two ‘anchors’ for the bridge. These ‘anchor’ teeth are then shaped by our dentists so that they can accommodate the bridge.

Once this is complete, the bridge will be bonded securely over these anchor teeth. This treatment option is an ideal way to achieve the look, feel and function of natural teeth.

They do not require removal for cleaning unlike dentures.

For more information regarding which treatment options are best for you, contact our clinic and book an appointment