Wisdom Teeth Removal



If you suffer from jaw pain, recurring sore throats or pain around the rear of your mouth, your wisdom teeth may be the cause. Removing your wisdom teeth is a simple and effective way to eliminate ongoing pain and keep your mouth healthy.

This form of extraction is the most common oral/facial surgery worldwide and a frequently requested treatment at our Wollongong dental practice.

Wisdom teeth removal is available for people of all ages and targets the back molars, particularly when there is pain or discomfort. Following an examination of your teeth, an X-Ray and a review of your dental history, our team of friendly dentists might recommend this procedure (at either one or multiple sites).

Are you looking for a dentist to remove your wisdom teeth?

Extraction is a common procedure to remove your uncomfortable and problematic third molars. While this is a common surgery, it is still incredibly important to choose your practitioner wisely and feel confident in your dental surgeon.

Here at our practice, we are incredibly proud to keep all procedures in-house, fostering an environment of calm and care for every patient while also keeping overhead costs low. This is how we can offer incredible prices for even better results.

About our wisdom teeth removal process

Our treatments and sedation options are designed to solve pain safely and comfortably so you can get on with things with minimal discomfort. Whether you require local or general anaesthesia for your surgery, our team is here to make sure you feel as comfortable and cared for as possible throughout your recovery.

To prepare for your treatment, pop in to see us for a consultation and we’ll be able to take it from there if needed.

As to the pricing plans that we offer for every patient, this service is also applicable to our wisdom removal at:

$300 – $500 per wisdom tooth

Step down pricing for multiple teeth

HICAPS available (all medical funds supported)

After care included

fixed $95 consultation fee - including follow up care appointments

For any further information or inquiries, book in to meet our incredible staff or give us a call. Our team is here to discuss all your needs and get you started on your journey to a wider, more radiant smile with better dental health today.

To find out more, please contact our clinic to book an appointment