Teeth Whitening: Why It’s Better With A Dentist

Mar 9, 2020

The pursuit for a whiter, brighter smile is age-old, and since the rise in recent trends of at-home teeth whitening, it’s no surprise that the demand for pearly whites has increased dramatically.

How can you whiten your teeth?

Teeth whitening works by using bleaching chemicals (usually hydrogen peroxide) to penetrate through the tooth enamel, which starts a reaction that breaks down the staining compounds.

So what’s the difference between those Insta-famous brands, and the whitening treatment you receive from a qualified dentist?

1. The products used by dentists are more likely to give you the results you’re looking for.

Teeth whitening products sold in Australia can legally only contain up to 6% hydrogen peroxide, unless they are prescribed by a dentist, where they can contain anywhere from 14-35%. Weaker concentrations of hydrogen peroxide will only act at the surface of the tooth enamel, meaning that the cheaper at-home solutions won’t provide the same results or longevity as you would receive from a dentist.

2. The at-home-DIY whitening industry is largely unregulated and may cause more damage than good.

Whilst Australia has regulations on what ingredients are used in teeth-whitening products, a lot of the take-home kits available in Australia are made overseas, meaning the ingredients might not meet Australian standards. Without the advice and care of your dentist, there is an increased risk of misapplication and damage to your teeth and gums.

The incorrect use of whitening products without your dentist’s advice may:
– Cause teeth to become more sensitive.
– Upset your gums, causing periodontal problems (this is avoided at a dental practice, as we make up customised trays to fit your mouth which prevents the whitening products from burning your gums).
– Result in the loss of mineral content of teeth.
– Damage the pulp of the teeth.

3. A consultation with a professional will inform you if you are a suitable candidate for whitening.

Every smile is different and not all whitening will work the same for everyone. It’s important to know that fillings and crowns will not whiten with your natural tooth. Your dentist will let you know what sort of results you can expect from your whitening before you commit to treatment.

If you’re still unsure of your options when it comes to whitening, or want to find out more, contact our friendly staff today on 1300 698 326.

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