Zip – Need Help Paying for Care?


In addition to our in-house customised plans, our practice is proud to partner with ZipMoney and ZipPay to make the best in dental care more easily accessible to everyone.

With no upfront costs, hidden extras or interest, you can use Zip in our practices, as well as other locations so you can buy now, pay later. Read on to learn more about Zip and its two options (ZipPay and ZipMoney) as the new way to pay for your dental care needs.



The differences between Zip and our in-house dental payment plans

We have partnered with Zip to make dental treatment even more flexible and accessible, depending on you and your family’s individual needs and dental goals.

It is important to note a few key differences between our in-house plans and those offered by Zip.

Our in-house plans:

Follow a fixed weekly payment agreed upon by you and your practitioner

No credit check

Available to non-Australian citizens and residents

Low establishment fees

Maxiumum amount for non-orthodontic treatment $200

Zip, on the other hand:

Requires a credit check

Can be used in other locations

Interest / account fee if using ZipMoney (but not ZipPay)

Penalty fees if you cannot meet the minimum payback per month

More flexible payback options

There are definite benefits to either of these options – both of which are deposit and interest-free for your convenience.

If you are thinking about dental work with a payment plan, ZipPay or ZipMoney, you’ve come to the right place. Come in today for a free consultation and we’ll be able to help you decide which of these financial solutions is best for you and your family.