The Danger of Dental Home Remedies

The Danger of Dental Home Remedies

Home remedies for cosmetic treatments are not uncommon. DIY facemasks, hair masks or skin treatments have often been popularised by magazines and social media, however Tik Tok users have recently taken things to a new level. Users are participating in DIY dental trends in an effort to be ‘baller on a budget.’ What some may not realise however, is that the damage caused by this may lead to more extensive and expensive dental treatment down the line.  

The new trend involves Tik Tok users performing a DIY enameloplasty, using a nail file. Whilst an enameloplasty is a perfectly safe procedure when performed by a qualified dentist (and using the appropriate equipment), attempting this at home with an untrained eye can result in irreparable damage to the tooth enamel, causing it to become hypersensitive, or to die. Once compromised, your tooth is unable to grow back, making it likely you’ll need a crown or veneer.

It is strongly advised to not partake in these home remedy trends and to be aware of the misinformation that can be spread online. If you’re having concerns about your smile, book an appointment with our qualified dentists who have the experience and education to assist you.

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