Ceramic Braces

For our patients who want a more discreet option, we also have the option of Ceramic or ‘clear’ braces. .

Clear braces are a great choice for our adult patients who are looking for an aesthetic and efficient way to straighten their teeth.

At My Dental Team, we use the Clarity™ ADVANCED Ceramic System for clear braces. These braces involve the same three components as the metal braces: a small bracket that we glue onto each tooth, a wire that is threaded along the bracket and a clear Alastic that we use to tie the wire into place. Unlike the metal braces, the clear braces involve brackets that are made out of a translucent ceramic that blends in with your teeth.

Using the latest technology of ceramic braces, the ceramic brackets are small and smooth for comfort and are able to resist staining or discolouration during treatment. The Clarity™ ADVANCED Ceramic system is trusted by orthodontists worldwide and has been used by over 1 million patients internationally.

To find out more, please contact our clinic to book an appointment with one of our dentists.