Root Canal


At My Dental Team, we offer root canal treatment.

Endodontic or root canal treatment may be required when the chamber inside a tooth and its roots (containing nerves and blood vessels) have become infected or compromised. This infection can be caused by extensive tooth decay or traumatic injury to the tooth. A root canal involves treating the infection and allowing you to keep that tooth (and to avoid the extraction of this tooth).

During root canal treatment, the damaged nerve of the tooth is removed and the tooth chamber/canal is cleaned. The canal is then sealed in a sterile state to prevent further damage.  This process is usually completed over two or three appointments to ensure that your tooth is completely free from any infection or symptoms.

Root canal treatment is completed under a local anaesthetic to ensure that our patients remain comfortable throughout the procedure.

We also have lots of sedation options available if you want a truly pain free experience. A tooth that has undergone root canal treatment then requires a crown or filling over it to ensure strength and longevity.

My Dental Team proudly offers specialist endodontic services and single visit crowns to optimise your comfort and your long-term oral health.

For more information regarding which treatment options are best for you, contact our clinic and book an appointment