11 Ways to Manage Dental Anxiety

11 Ways to Manage Dental Anxiety

If you find yourself avoiding the dentist at all costs you are not alone, dental anxiety is extremely common.

Often our fear of the dentist may stop us from attending appointments, but avoiding the dentist may actually make your anxiety worse. Without regular check-ups, your oral health can decline, increasing your need for emergency care and more complex treatment.

Here are 11 ways to help manage your dental anxiety:

Turn up to your appointment on time, but not too early to avoid the increased anxiety from sitting in the waiting room.
Whilst waiting, try reading a magazine or drawing as a distraction.
During your appointment, have your dentist explain what they are doing each step of the way. Your dentist will tell you what you can expect to feel – modern anaesthetics are so effective, you will likely not feel anything at all.
Your dentist can help remind you to close your eyes if seeing instruments bothers you.
Ask your dentist for breaks during treatment and prompt them if you feel uncomfortable at any point.
Everyone requires different amounts of anaesthetics so don’t be shy and let your dentist know if your tooth is at all sensitive.
Remember to breathe deeply into your stomach to help you relax.
If you would prefer, take a friend or family member into the appointment with you.
Feel free to bring your own headphones and music to listen to, it can help to distract you.
Talk to a psychologist, counsellor or trusted professional about your dental fears.

Request available relaxation or sedation methods such as:

Relative analgesia
IV sedation (in the chair)
General anesthetic (in day surgery)

For more tips on managing your anxiety around dentist visits, click here.

Our clinicians will always ensure you are fully informed and comfortable with your treatment plan before commencing. Your dentist will happily discuss all the options available to assist you at your initial consultation.

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