Orthodontic Options

At My Dental Team, we offer a variety of options to help you straighten your teeth and achieve the perfect smile.

Before commencing orthodontic treatment, we will help you arrange an orthodontic consultation appointment with one of our specialist orthodontists. At this consultation appointment we will do a thorough assessment of your teeth and their current alignment. Any necessary x-rays will also be taken for you. This will allow us to help you understand which of our orthodontic options would be most appropriate for your treatment needs.

Metal Braces

$45 a week

Metal braces are our most popular option to straighten teeth – especially for our teenage patients. The main advantage of the metal braces is that they work the fastest, break the least and are the most affordable option.
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Ceramic Braces

$50 a week

For our patients who want a more discreet option, we also have the option of Ceramic or ‘clear’ braces. Clear braces are a great choice for our adult patients who are looking for an aesthetic and efficient way to straighten their teeth.
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$55 a Week

Invisalign® is the most aesthetic and discreet treatment option when it comes to straightening your teeth. It involves a series of clear custom-made and removable aligners that follow a 3D treatment plan created from scans of your teeth.
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Inside Braces

Inside braces have brackets placed behind your teeth rather than on the front surfaces. This a more discreet treatment option and involves custom made brackets that are made to fit the specific shape of your teeth.
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